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Basemetal Crude & Natural Gas Full Mcx Gold & Silver

Gold and other Major MCX Commodities technical levels for today’s evening trading session.




Major Economic Data for the day


07.30  PM – ISM Manufacturing PMI (USD)

07.30 PM – Revised UoM Consumer Sentiment (USD) 




MCX Gold has support at 46300 and resistance at 46535. Break and sustain below 45300 will take it to the next support level of 46170…46000 and sustainable trade above 46535 can see further upside move towards the next resistance level of 46680…46850.




Silver has support at 59200 while resistance at 60050. Sustainable trade below 59200 will take it to 58800…58300. If it breaks and sustains the resistance level of 60050 then will take it to 60700—61200, respectively.




Copper has support at 700 and resistance at 707. Sustainable trade above 707 will see the upside move towards 712…717 and if sustained below 700 can catch the downside move towards 695…690 respectively.




Nickel has support at 1365 and resistance at 1400. Selling can see this counter below 1365 for the targeting towards 1345…1315 and sustainable trade above 1400 will see the upside move towards 1430…1456.


Natural Gas


Natural gas support has 423 and resistance 446.50. Sustainable trade above 446.50 can see more rally towards the next level of 452…457 and if sustained below 423 then can move towards 415…408 maximum.


Crude Oil


Crude oil has support at 5510 and resistance at 5560. Sustainable trade below 5510 can see more downside towards 5475…5430 and if sustained above 5560 will see the upside move towards 5600…5640 levels.



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