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Hindalco Q3 Result Update along with technical view on stock.





Revenue 350B Rupees Vs 292B (YOY)

Standalone EBITDA rose 16.7 percent to Rs 1,182 crore against Rs 1,013 crore YoY. The standalone EBITDA margin grew to 10.4 percent against 9.9 percent YoY.

“In consolidated terms, Hindalco’s PAT stood at Rs 1,877 crore, up 77 percent YoY and up 385 percent quarter-on-quarter (QoQ).

Impact on Hindalco




Technical View on Hindalco

The stock looks positive on the charts. Major support around 265 and resistance at 288-290 levels. Break and close above 290 will test 300+ levels in days to come. A positive view will negate on close below 265 levels.




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