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Chart Ideas

PNB Futures :- A rounding bottom pattern above the downtrend invites us to buy.

Technical Chart of PNB Futures


Chart Idea-PNB Futures


Overview:- By analyzing the daily technical chart we can see that pair is doing so well and heading towards north side. Overall bulls are forcing the price and moving towards upside direction.

Technical Analysis:- From technical perspective we can see that a short-term rounding bottom pattern has been formed above the down trend line which has been breached out and bulls are sustaining above the breached line which is a silver lining for the bulls. Presently pair is trading above all the major and minor EMA lines which are providing us a bullish signal.

The MACD as well as RSI are also favoring the bulls.



Trade Idea on PNB

The present picture suggests that PNB Futures buy at current levels 29.30 for the target of 38 and 40 with the strict stop loss of 27.50.





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